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So, my very first niece was born last month and I was so excited it was a girl!  I wanted to send her something really girly and what can be more girly than a tutu?  I know…she’s a little young for ballet but have you seen pics of an adorable baby in a tutu?  Until you have, do not judge me!  🙂 Here’s what you can do with some tulle, elastic, ribbon and thread…


 This one was for baby Elise and now I want to make one for every baby I meet!  🙂


This was originally for Elise but thought it to be a little to punk for her parents! I’ll find a chuck t’s, skull & cross-bones wearing baby to give this to so she can rock it out appropriately

And this is what happens when you’re bored and have left over tulle.  She didn’t seem to mind!

For a great tutorial on these babies check out Plum Tickled’s blog.  http://plumtickled.typepad.com/plumtickled/2007/08/tutu-tutorial-t.html

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  • hobbyhellion: No, Melissa, I don't have an iPhone but I'll tuck this tidbit away in case I get one in the future! I've seen the braided leather bracelets and I lov
  • Melissa E.: P.S. Do you have an iPhone? If you do, you should download the tiltshift app. They make the photos from your camera look worlds better, plus it's real
  • Melissa E.: Sweet bracelets!! I love that you channeled your inner 12 year old and used a hemp braiding technique. You clever crafter, you! We must be on simil