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And this is why I love my boss…


Our Cinco de Mayo lunch patron shot.  Another great day at work!  I just love the shot glasses too.  Really…How cute are they?


So last weekend L and I planned on having a date night in because our week had been so crazy. I made dinner and we watched a movie.  Well, maybe a night in wasn’t the best idea seeing how L was so tired, it only took a couple of beers to knock him out.  And seeing that we were watching Beer Fest (the reason we were drinking beer in the first place…fyi the movie’s not that funny) I was inspired by a hat one of the characters wore.  As L snored lightly on the couch I took the Coors Lite box, my glue gun and whatever randomness I could find and made him a present.


                                            “Beer Fest”                                                                  


My version.  Whattya think?  Excuse the quality of the pic…it was on my phone. 🙂

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  • hobbyhellion: No, Melissa, I don't have an iPhone but I'll tuck this tidbit away in case I get one in the future! I've seen the braided leather bracelets and I lov
  • Melissa E.: P.S. Do you have an iPhone? If you do, you should download the tiltshift app. They make the photos from your camera look worlds better, plus it's real
  • Melissa E.: Sweet bracelets!! I love that you channeled your inner 12 year old and used a hemp braiding technique. You clever crafter, you! We must be on simil