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I am absolutely in love with chunky, distressed bracelets.  I’m not normally the “dainty” jewelry kind of girl.  I need a little spunk and a little character in my accessories. 

I HEART this one!

(photo from fabsugar.com)

Here’s my attempt using strips of shredded t-shirt and braiding the strips.


I also thought I’d pull out the 12 year old in me and try my old hemp necklace technique on one of them…


And here’s me wearing my new bracelets.  I found that I like putting 2 together for a chunkier look.


P.S. Sorry about the terrible pics.  My camera and I are on the outs and I’ve only had my camera phone to assist me!

I tried different sizes of fabric and braided three of them and tried a knot on the fourth one.  For fun and something different I added charms to one.  You could do so many things with them and they’re super easy and quick.  I think the next one I make will have chain too.  What do you think?

You could also use this technique and make a scarf like ISLY did.  Here’s the pic of the scarf and a link to the tutorial over at ISLY.  How cute is that?  I mean really?





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  • hobbyhellion: No, Melissa, I don't have an iPhone but I'll tuck this tidbit away in case I get one in the future! I've seen the braided leather bracelets and I lov
  • Melissa E.: P.S. Do you have an iPhone? If you do, you should download the tiltshift app. They make the photos from your camera look worlds better, plus it's real
  • Melissa E.: Sweet bracelets!! I love that you channeled your inner 12 year old and used a hemp braiding technique. You clever crafter, you! We must be on simil