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I am absolutely in love with chunky, distressed bracelets.  I’m not normally the “dainty” jewelry kind of girl.  I need a little spunk and a little character in my accessories. 

I HEART this one!

(photo from fabsugar.com)

Here’s my attempt using strips of shredded t-shirt and braiding the strips.


I also thought I’d pull out the 12 year old in me and try my old hemp necklace technique on one of them…


And here’s me wearing my new bracelets.  I found that I like putting 2 together for a chunkier look.


P.S. Sorry about the terrible pics.  My camera and I are on the outs and I’ve only had my camera phone to assist me!

I tried different sizes of fabric and braided three of them and tried a knot on the fourth one.  For fun and something different I added charms to one.  You could do so many things with them and they’re super easy and quick.  I think the next one I make will have chain too.  What do you think?

You could also use this technique and make a scarf like ISLY did.  Here’s the pic of the scarf and a link to the tutorial over at ISLY.  How cute is that?  I mean really?




I used scrabble & glass tile, scrapbook paper, rhinestones and diamond glaze.

I cut scrap paper to size and used a small dab of diamond glaze to glue to the scrabble tile and glued the rhinestone on the paper.  Then I carefully layered the diamond glaze on top of the paper making sure to remove any bubbles.

I used the same technique with the glass but backwards making sure the paper was right side against the glass tile.  The rhinestone’s didn’t work so much on the glass tile.  I would put them on top of the glass and then diamond glaze a thin layer on top.  So you’d have diamond glazed both sides.

So here’s the final product.  Well kind of.  I have to attach backing for the necklace.

For a great tutorial on scrabble pendants check this out http://www.makeandtakes.com/links/scrabble-tile-pendant-tutorial over at MakeandTakes.

I made these pin cushions out of mason jars.  Aren’t they cute?  And they’re super handy!



Posted on: May 11, 2010

Hi everyone!  I’m so excited to start my very first blog.  I’ve never done anything like it but I’m giving it a go!  I would tell you a little about myself but I’ve already don’t that on the “About Me” page. 

I wanted to start this blog because I’m stuck behind a desk for 40+ hours a week working with accounts and numbers and about 35 of those 40+ hours I find myself day dreaming of crafting.  I mean really…who day dreams about crafting?  Shouldn’t I be dreaming about someone like Ryan Reynolds doing pullups in nothing but a pair of sweat pants? So, while not dreaming of Ryan Reynolds, I have made a list (well, several to be honest) of crafts, repurposed, or refashioned things I want to do.  The list has been accumulating for the last couple of months and it’s time to tackle it and you can share in my journey!

Really? Ryan Reynolds...or crafts...?

I saw this cheerleaders outfit for my niece who is only like a month old but will be the perfect size for it come football season.  Since she lives in Minnesota and her father (my brother) was raised in Washington State, that automatically qualifies her to be a Seahawks fan.  Screw the Vikings!  I mean…the Vikings are good too but her blood runs blue and green.  Isn’t this just too cute?  I’ll have to make pom poms for her when football season gets here.  GO HAWKS!!

Oh…and I got it for $4 marked down from $20.  How could I resist?

And this my sis and I found on Mother’s Day while strolling around Seattle…


I made these (and a handful more that I forgot to take pics of) for my sister in law.  It’s the first time I’ve used a sewing machine since Jr High but I have to admit they turned out pretty cute!

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L has been wanting to cook for me for some time now.  He’s pulled together recipes and we went shopping for the ingredients and let me tell you…grocery shopping was adventure of its own.  Bless his little heart, but that guy can not do anything small.  He’s never cooked and he decides he’s going to make Chicken Scallopine.  I think it took us about an hour of wondering the store with L asking me questions that made me wonder if my acting skills were gonna be good enough if this meal took  wrong turn.  Questions such as…”Do you think I could substitute chipotle for cayenne pepper?”  Now, I am not a chef by all means.  I do cook for L quite often but it’s pretty basic 4 ingredients kinda stuff ya know.  In fact, my George Foreman grill and I have a very close relationship.  Anyhow…so when he asked me about the chipotle…well, I thought that was just a kind of sauce.  I’m no help.  But I have to admit…he did pretty well.  He had a few hiccups but all in all, it was a great meal. (Except he forgot to make a side and he was very disappointed about it! lol He’s too cute!)  And couple days later he gave it another go and made chicken parmasagna which was pretty amazing.  He’s good at everything dang him! 🙂

Chicken Scallopine  


And did I mention I made him a Chef’s hat for the occasion?



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  • Melissa E.: P.S. Do you have an iPhone? If you do, you should download the tiltshift app. They make the photos from your camera look worlds better, plus it's real
  • Melissa E.: Sweet bracelets!! I love that you channeled your inner 12 year old and used a hemp braiding technique. You clever crafter, you! We must be on simil